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[Post New]by ahma2 on Apr 24, 12 10:08 AM
I liked the 4 Elements II very much and bought therefore this first game when it was at daily deal. But what a disappointment - there is a timer!!!! Every game should contain two possibilities: timer and no-timer. We are many who will play slowly. At least it should be told in the introduction of the game.
I was playing Earth 4 when I noticed it and is now saying good bye to this game, be as cheap as it will. I am both angry and disappointed.
P.S. Can´t I get that terrible fairy away?

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[Post New]by gwladys99 on Apr 24, 12 12:51 PM
thanks for the warning and saving me some money. I to am a slow player and would have been very frustrated with having to rush through something.



[Post New]by amerryday on Apr 24, 12 12:57 PM
Thank You so very much for letting me know about this game, as I was planning on purchasing it. I too like the untimed games and I play slow as I have had 3 eye operations.

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