game won't play

[Post New]by 4brownangels on Apr 24, 12 8:27 PM
has anyone else had this problem? I purchased this game with a game member credit and now I can't play it. It won't even turn on! Some whacked out error message comes up and then shuts down before I even get a start screen. what do I do?

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Re:game won't play

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Apr 25, 12 1:58 AM
Hi 4brownangels,

Are you getting an Access Violation error when you're starting up this game? If so, please take a look at the below help article for more information:

Access Violation

If your game is still giving you trouble after completing those steps, please get in touch with our Tech Support and one of our reps will be more than happy to work on this with you.

Also, since we already have a thread in this Game Forum dedicated to technical issues, I'll be locking this one to keep things tidy in here, but please feel free to re-post your issue HERE.

Hope this helps!


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