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Last scene; comments; and a question about the "lessons"

[Post New]by Flashmom on Apr 27, 12 9:07 AM
I posted a couple times previously complaining, then amended my message because I figured out what I did *stupidly.* I also, was one of those "poor unfortunates" that found all but the last 1 or 2. Then, after being given the opportunity to go look again, I gave up looking. I went to continue and landed on what I thought was the VERY FIRST SCENE!!! I was so mad!!!, **only to find it *was* the LAST SCENE!!!***duh---

I'll give it kudos for the tricks and turns, but there are certainly glitches and little annoyances along the way. I also think there was a good balance of puzzles. And, even though there is *discussion* about murder and kidnapping, it isn't gruesome or horrific, or occult based. THAT is a big plus for me. I don't agree with those that say it is really easy, but I'm new to playing games like this.

QUESTION: after the game is over, is it possible to go back to review the mythology? That was a really, *really* neat aspect of this game that I've never seen before.

Thanks everyone for the support!

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