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Need help level 17

[Post New]by bbruce261 on Apr 27, 12 10:09 AM
Any suggestions on how to make gold on level 17, build the world industries logo.


Re:Need help level 17

[Post New]by ksinibaldi01 on Apr 29, 12 7:42 AM
I'm stumped too! Best I could do is day 32.


Re:Need help level 17

[Post New]by HappyFaery on May 3, 12 8:30 PM
This is how I got gold.
Build 3 factories close to the workers house, build 1 ice cream stand, 1 tent fully upgraded, 2 trailers fully upgraded. Also upgrade the existing trailer.
Buy workers whenever possible, i had 10 total.

As soon as all the trailers etc are built set the maximum number of workers to work on the logo. Have the other workers continually going to the factories and at least host 2 events to gain more money.

Hope that helps.


Re:Need help level 17

[Post New]by pmspml5 on May 9, 12 5:16 AM
This is how I got it - different approach.

Click on Factory first to start collecting supplies - the key is to continue to collect supplies when ever possible. Build a 2nd factory as soon as possible as close as possible to the workers. Start making trailers. - continue to buy supplies and upgrade all trailers to 2 starts. Once all trailers are upgraded to 2 stars continue to buy supplies but as soon as you have $3000 upgrade a worker. Continue to buy supplies, build pipes, and upgrade workers in this fashion until you have enough to finish the pipes. Demolish 1st factory and build a nursery. Place all workers possible into dock to start filling water. Demolish 2nd factory and replace with nursery. You should have 11-12 workers at this point enough to click on nursery's asap and finish.

I finished in 33 days.

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