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Gold on last three levels???

[Post New]by Badut on Apr 27, 12 12:11 PM
Has anyone earned gold on level 58,59 and 60? Seems REALLY impossible...


Re:Gold on last three levels???

[Post New]by confused_angel on May 3, 12 12:05 AM
58 and 59, yes.
60, no.
Still working at it.

The trick to 59 is to use tents, and eventually 3 swimming pools.
(Make 1 right away, with as many tents as you can, put a workshop up as soon as you dig up the gold and start cranking out 4,000 materials, while still throwing tents up, and building the other 2 pools...AND keeping your events going and collecting all the gold at the same time. made my hands cramp up, but i finally got it with 1 day to spare.)

58... is that the one where you need 1 of each building and a certain level of eco? make a workshop and 2 of the big houses, upgraded once or twice each, then a pool, then a greenhouse and a volleyball net. you're going to need 1 fruit tree and 2 ponds, if you don't shoot the bear (proudly never shot a bear!), and don't cut down the tree. rebuild the bridge as fast as you can, while running off seeds and wood..stop after you have the 500 wood you need..and stick the ice cream shop in last, across the bridge. and don't forget to dig up the maps.

(i know, these aren't great walkthroughs, but its 3 am..i was going to bed as soon as i beat level 60, 3 hours ago... i'm sleepy and i'm remembering it through a haze!)

hope it helped.


Re:Gold on last three levels???

[Post New]by confused_angel on May 3, 12 10:24 AM
Finally got gold on level 60 today.

Started by building a factory, and buying 3 extra men. As soon as the first extra man was ready, I sent him to clear the path to the middle right plot, for the first house to go. When the first 1000 material was done, I sent 3 men to build a house there, while running off another 1000 material. I upgraded the first house to 3 stars as fast as possible, while running off batches of 500 and 1000 material, and scaring the gorilla, using any cash left after i started the workshop to buy extra men. Soon as the gorilla was gone, i built another house in the upper right and also upgraded it to 3 stars, while continuing to run off 1000 material at a time, and buying parking spots.

I left the last spot empty. You don't need more gold per day to cover your expenses, and any more factorys would cost too much to run. Maybe some kind of happiness building would have made sense, but even a pool would have only brought in 2000 a day (with the 4 parking spots), and didn't seem worth the 2000 wood to build, not to mention the time it'd take.

Soon as you have all 4 parkin spots and the 2 houses, send men to work on the crane, build a 2nd workshop, and 2 greenhouses. You need to do all of this pretty much at the same time. (I had something like 16 men at the end... 10 working and the other 6 rotating between the 4 buildings.) Run off 2,000 material each day and as many seeds as possible, while watching your soon as you have enough materials started to cover the work, stop running it off and just run off 1800 seeds at a time.

You need to be done building the crane by at least the middle of day 22 and be prepared to start the workers back on the seeds. Any later than that and you won't have time to finish lifting the rock. (I had about 1/4 of an inch of the timer on day 27 left at the end, starting in the middle of day 22.)

It requires a lot of speed, and a high tolerance for frustration. Took me about 6 hours, between last night and today, of finishing halfway through day 28 before I got the timing perfect.

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Re:Gold on last three levels???

[Post New]by Thakira on May 5, 12 2:03 PM
Okay, I have found another solution for Level 60...used a lot of the tips from confused_angel - thx for that

First of all...forget the two upper plots. Don't scare that ape or clean up there.
Saves a lot of time.

Start building factory and hire 2-3 workers.
Clean right middle spot with first new worker and get 1000 Wood.
Build Villa on one of the middle spots and make another 1000 Wood.
Build Villa on other middle spot.
Upgrade them both to 3 stars, making as much wood in the meantime as possible and buy workers from the rest.
Buy all 4 parking lots.
Build second factory on the lower middle spot and start producing wood there. Send workers to the crane while building a greenhouse on the lower right spot.
Make wood (2x 1000) and seeds (900) and fill up workers on the crane - I ended up with 13 workers.

After ýou have enough wood, demolish factories and build 2 greenhouses instead and start getting seeds there, too (Maybe one more would be ok, but I don't know).

IMPORTANT: As Angel wrote - the crane has to be finished by the middle of day 22....After that you won't get the gold.


Re:Gold on last three levels???

[Post New]by EricHagen on May 10, 12 6:19 AM
The thing that finally got me over the top was NOT buying the 4th Parking space.
I followed Thakira's Directions (thank you). But again I ONLY BOUGHT 3 parking spaces. I finished on Day 27.

Also, get those workers to the crane as early as possible to get it done by Day22.

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