Oil lamp maestro music of death

[Post New]by Donyakee on Apr 30, 12 9:20 AM
Playing on IPad...maestro music of death...I can not assemble oil lamp..please help...even restarted game from beginning.

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Re:Oil lamp maestro music of death

[Post New]by lisanti on Apr 30, 12 2:16 PM
I had problems with it too - it's finicky. You have to have all the parts, including the oil, then put the parts on the carpet. It goes oil, wick,lampshade, cover,then light it with the matches. Check the walkthrough for pictures. Hope that helps.

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Re:Oil lamp maestro music of death

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Apr 30, 12 2:55 PM
Hi Donyakee,

Since this question is game specific, I'll go ahead and pop it over to the Maestro: Music of Death Forum so other players of this game can chime in too

There could be a chance that the oil lamp needs to be assembled in a certain order. After taking a look through the walkthrough, I found this screenshot here:

Oil Lamp Picture

If you click the blue text it will take you right to the picture - and try assembling in this order:

Zoom into the far edge of the carpet (34).
Place the LAMP WICK, LAMPSHADE, and OIL RESERVOIR on the carpet.
Drag the OIL (A) to the OIL RESERVOIR (B ).
Drag the LAMP WICK (C ) to the OIL RESERVOIR.
Place the LAMPSHADE (D) over the wick.
Put the COVER (E) over the lamp.
Light the lamp with the MATCHES (F).

However if you try this still run into trouble I would get in contact with our Customer Support team. One of our reps will be happy to help you out with your game, and it will help us better track any issues:

How do I get in contact with Customer Support

Thank you!


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Re:Oil lamp maestro music of death

[Post New]by jayne_r on May 6, 12 5:51 AM
Another post suggests moving reservoir to center of screen then filling it. This helped some, but did not work on iPad.

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Re:Oil lamp maestro music of death

[Post New]by Usmousie on Oct 9, 12 4:51 PM
Absolutely did not work for me. I am doing it right. Help? Completely stuck.

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Re:Oil lamp maestro music of death

[Post New]by anges35 on Mar 12, 13 3:22 PM
I realize this is an old thread, but the problem still exists:

For assembling the lamp in iPad version:
The oli reservoir has to be on the rug to put the oil in and assemble. But it moves of the rug and goes to the right.

Use fingers on both hands, or stylus in one hand and finger on other> grab the oil reservoir with one and drag it to the carpet. Without letting go, click on the carpet next to it.

This may take a few tries (or more than a few!), but you can't go on unless you assemble the lamp. Once the reservoir stays on he rug, you can put the oil in it and finish the assembly. Use patience.

I left a note about this on the technical thread because it's March 2013 and my new iPad download of the game still has the problem.

Hopefully this will help.

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