Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital collector's edition

[Post New]by ShadowDrake on Apr 30, 12 7:32 PM
I am having trouble with getting the game to not only save my spot when I exit out but I can only get so far before it can't go any further - I can't get the blasted gun in the Invisible Man chapter - I click all around the blue book and nothing happens. So I'm pretty much stuck. I'm not sure if it is due to the fact I'm using my laptop to play it or what. Never had this problem with this a game before.

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Re:Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital collector's edition

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on May 1, 12 5:18 AM
Hi ShadowDrake,

It sounds like there there may be an issue with your game's save file.

The first thing I would suggest doing is try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if that helps.

If not, creating a new player profile is another option, but please keep in mind that doing this would require you to start over from the beginning.

If neither of these tips help, please contact Tech Support for further assistance by clicking on the green to the right of the page.

Also, to keep things tidy, I am going to po this over to the correct Forum and also will lock this one up to keep things tidy.

Please feel free to re-post your issue here, in the game specific tech thread.

Hope this helps!


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