Hidden Expedition Everest

[Post New]by smokadore18 on May 2, 12 6:40 PM
Hi, I am having trouble rotating the pieces in the puzzles. It said to press space to rotate. I hope someone can help. Thanks Smokadore18

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Re:Hidden Expedition Everest

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on May 4, 12 7:52 PM
Hi smokadore18,

Welcome to the Pond!

It sounds like your game may not be responding as it should.

If you feel like that may be the case, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if that helps?

It may also be be that your game is not running as well as it should, the following help article will guide your through some updates that may help your game run more efficiently:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If the problem persists after updating, or you would like some help doing that, please contact Tech Support for further assistance by clicking on the green to the right of the page.

Hope this helps!


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