Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on May 3, 12 10:38 AM
Best I've been able to do is 23 and 3/4 days

Haven't a clue how to cut down on this time. I've tried 2 wood factories and 1 green house but by time I destroy the green house there's no time to build the villa to 3 stars. What am I missing?

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Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by Leanda1 on May 3, 12 11:28 AM
Not there yet but if you have any suggestions for levels 33,34,35 in eco i would be greatly appreciative!



Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on May 3, 12 11:33 AM
I think someone has already posted steps for those cause that's how I managed thru them lol


Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by lindzerooskies on May 7, 12 3:55 PM
I just managed to beat it...
What i did was, first clear all obstructions (monkeys, etc) and dig up the treasures. Then repair the villa, and send a worker to the factory. The trick is to keep hiring workers and constantly produce materials. Then I started building the villas one at a time, and after they were all built I also got a greenhouse and started getting seeds on top of making materials. Then it's just a matter of having enough workers to upgrade 2 houses at a time, while keeping 1 for the greenhouse and 1 for the factory, as well as 1 to put the gardens on each house. In total thats about 11 workers.
Hope this helps!

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Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by nanekochan on May 12, 12 1:43 PM
Thanks, I'm off to try this approach!

Later: I did it! I tried your approach first and I did do better than I had previously but I still made a few changes...first I built a chalet and repaired the one there, then I built a factory and cleared obstructions, but basically after that I did what you suggested. Thanks again!

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Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by VickiS531 on May 15, 12 8:37 PM
Thanks for the info everyone.

Nanekochan, I assume you meant a VILLA, not a chalet?

Also, I ended up with 12 workers total, and I finished with 3 days left for expert.

Good luck!


Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by SexyViciousAngel on Jun 11, 12 12:20 AM
Excellent tips! I got this on day 23.5 with 13 workers!


Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by araumaker on Jun 20, 12 7:20 PM
I repaired villa, built villa at top, and sent worker to make 1000.
Then bought worker and planted gardens on top two left villas.
Built villa. Waited then built another villa.
At this point I kept producing materials, hiring workers and upgrading these four villas.
Once these four were upgraded I built greenhouse. I think at this point I had 16 workers.
Started building villas and upgrading on other side and making seeds for gardens.


Re:Stuck on Level 41 Eco

[Post New]by OnWisconsin on Sep 9, 14 10:35 PM
Thanks for the good advice, lindze! Worked wonderfully.

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