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Finished the game!

[Post New]by geohunter on May 4, 12 10:54 AM
This was a lot of fun but very frustrating, I wish the mini games had some sort of info as to the solution. I would never have made it without the skip button. I'm glad I didn't go with all the negative reviews and not buy the game. I've read the other posts and just keep playing. You'll get to where you need to be. I had some pretty tough situations but stayed patient. Easy to say but hard to do, I know. I'm not into HOGs but this was fun, anyway. If you were to ask me how to get through the three catacombs I don't know how I did it just fooled around with it and it worked! Talk about a challenge. I had to turn off the light to see the hidden objects in some of the HOGs. That seemed to help.

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