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A terrible glitch!

[Post New]by Floraws on May 4, 12 9:13 PM
When I came back to play, my character had changed to another one. Furthermore, when I tried to get out of the game, I lost all the houses I had, and a statement: "Too badk, you won 200 dollars". So, I had something like 3,300 dollars and was reduced to 1,500... I simply couldn't understand that. Did that happen to any of you?

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Re:A terrible glitch!

[Post New]by sewbizzy on May 7, 12 1:36 PM
I haven't had anything like that happen, however, I only have one identity in my current installation of the game. If you're at the beginning stage (and with that low dollar amount, I'm assuming you are), then it might just be best to start over.

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