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Is getting gold really this hard or am I doing something wrong?

[Post New]by Yaelle on May 4, 12 11:41 PM
Hi - i do like this game, its a lot of fun.
I've gotten gold on about somewhere around 10 to 12 out of 50 some levels & it aint getting any easier. Something......I dunno. Am I doing something wrong? This is highly unusual for a game.
I wondered if maybe at some point I'll get some sort of upgrade that will allow me to work faster, was thinking like a better sawmill or the capability to do whatever faster & then hopefully it'd let me go back & replay past levels?
But this far in, I dunno!
Haaard game!!

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Re:Is getting gold really this hard or am I doing something wrong?

[Post New]by norry02 on May 5, 12 1:01 AM
Hi Yaelle, Yep it's hard but it's soooooo much fun. There are a lot of really good tips that folks who have finished certain levels have posted. I've gone thru a level as many as 20 times until I've gotten the gold. Practice makes perfect. There are several levels that if you don't jump out of the gate and get a house built immediately so you can collect that 1st days rent it puts you behind the entire way...LOL

Keep at it, you'll get gold!

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Re:Is getting gold really this hard or am I doing something wrong?

[Post New]by Csustar on May 5, 12 3:36 AM
I got gold through 39, but it is really hard!!!!!!!!!!! Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes some levels TOO hard, stops being fun.

[Post New]by Player999 on May 13, 12 8:08 AM
I enjoy a good challenging time management game. But sometimes they make it just too darn hard. At some point trying to complete a level in gold time stops being enjoyable. Even with walthroughs other have posted, (and I truly do appreciate them), certain levels become extremly frustrating. I am now through level 50 with gold on all but lvl 43. But it has taken me days to get this far, and frankly I am dreading going further. Unfortunately, I am very anal, and refuse to move on unless I have gotten gold; level 43 is the exception, and at some point I will go back (as I have done many times now) to try to get gold. I don't think a game should be so hard, tricky and convoluted, that you end up hating it. OK, just me ranting, now that I have that out of my system, it's back for more punishment.

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