criminal minds

[Post New]by claudiew on May 9, 12 7:57 AM
Hi how do i get to the nest case i did finish case 1?

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Re:criminal minds

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on May 9, 12 11:26 AM
Hi claudiew and Welcome the Forums!

This is a great place to get some help with your games

Did you check the walkthrough we have for Criminal Minds? I took a look at that, and it said that the last thing you do in Case 1 is to use a blank cassette tape in the tape recorder in your office. Then, when you leave your office Case 2 should automatically start.

Here is a link to the walkthrough in case you'd like to see what I mean:

Criminal Minds Walkthrough

(Just click the blue text and you'll be taken right there.)

I hope this helps!


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