Level 14

[Post New]by dactulwench1 on May 9, 12 3:34 PM
Anyone have some good tips for getting gold on level 14? Can't seem to beat the clock on this one.

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Re:Level 14

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on May 13, 12 12:14 PM
Here is how I did it:

Send as many men to clear as much trash as you can, right away (3 piles near 1st 2 rows of building slots). As soon as the space to the left of the workers' building is clear, build a factory.

Use the materials you have to build 4 tents, and leave the space in front of the workers' building bare (that's where the 5th tent will go). Use any available men to keep clearing trash, digging treasures, scaring bears, etc.

Furiously make materials and upgrade the tents; you will be making materials nonstop. When you have upgraded all 4 tents, make 210 extra materials (which you will need to build & upgrade the 5th tent). I always made materials in at least lots of 100 - wait for rent if you can only make 50.

As soon as you have 210 extra materials, demolish the factory & build a greenhouse. Furiously make seeds in lots of 300. While upgrading the last tent, put gardens on the other 4 and start planting flowers on the back row. You will need 6 flowers. Continuously upgrade that 5th tent - as soon as 1 upgrade is done, do the next (don't let the worker run away!) - same for the garden.

Put a garden on the last tent, and you are done.

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