Make sure you get your BONUSES before going to the next level.

[Post New]by EricHagen on May 10, 12 6:43 AM
The mystery of what adds to your money and Eco score:
At the end of each level a window pops up.
If you got a gold star and or dug treasure you get a boost to your Money score.
If you have not shot animals and or do not cut down trees you get a boost to your Eco score.
If you hit the OK button that permanently fixes those changes for that level.
Going back again will not change your levels.
If you hit the RESTART button the changes do not take effect and you restart the level.

So, If you do a level and say miss a treasure or don't get gold and then go to the next level, you will miss those bonuses forever (under that Company name).

It is important to do the best you can on a level before you move on, it makes the later levels easier.

This is all explained in the first 4 or so levels, but if you were like me, you just clicked through trying to get the game going

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