Some questions...

[Post New]by Hmpfgrml on May 11, 12 10:22 AM
Hi there!

There are some things that bug me (or is it the game, wich is bugged?):

1. Where can I find the save-files? I searched all directories belonging to the game and all other common 'hidden' save locations so far and wasn't able to locate them (under Win7 64bit).
2. Why can't I save and reload on my own? I'm desperatly in search of those functions.
3. I'm not receiving any income when travelling, actually. Must be a funny joke but I can't laugh on it. That kinda sucks since this lets me wonder about the whole sense of it.
4. Sometimes, when I earn an award, it doesn't show in the trophy room. And on some very rare occassions, I find myself wondering on awards in the showroom I never received. Find that very interesting, too...
5. Did I mention that not-receiving-income thing?
6. Last one and possibly the weirdest of all: Why does it take longer to travel by train than by horse? I found myself several times wondering how a train takes five days to a destination where the Horse only needs one.

Help appreciated!

EDIT: Well, there is one more thing. I often experience it that, at the end of the day when the scroll with my total pops up, there's a number on additional income wich isn't added to my total income. Not funny.

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Re:Some questions...

[Post New]by Hmpfgrml on May 12, 12 7:06 AM
I'm thinking about deleting the whole game. Next bug (?): Although I met the requirements for some awards in my last game (silver boiler trophy, 4th place) I didn't receive them.

Anyone who can help? PLEASE!

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