3 tips to win every level

[Post New]by Talamasca on May 11, 12 3:24 PM
I was horribly stuck on the Georgia level until I discovered these 3 tips. After that, I sailed through the rest of the levels using the same tips, no problem.

First, you want to hire 1 mechanic, buy the smallest block of power, and build 1 or 2 food stands at the entrance, plus 1 or 2 game stands at the enterance. After that, let your money save up and buy only large rides and indoor/outdoor attractions. After you have built all the available large rides, build any rides that are a "goal" to build, and are available at the time. Then build all medium rides available (that will fit) and then all the small rides available (if they will fit). After each ride is built, up the price 50-75 cents and upgrade to 3 stars before building another. After all your rides are complete, fill in any gaps with food stands, game stands, and events/sideshows. This will feel like you are going very slow at first, but trust me, after the large games are built, you will start racking up cash almost as fast as you can spend it.

Before you hire any workers, decrease all of their salaries to $1 each. When you get messages about increasing their salary, always pick "no." You will be fined double their salary when you choose this option, but their salary is $1 so its only $2 for each worker... much cheaper than increasing their pay! Another tip about workers: The tutorial mentions having as many workers as possible to create "100% coverage," however this only decreases the likelyhood of problems occuring, and not by much. I would recomend keeping 5 mechanics and 2 of all other workers until you are done building, and then increase as you feel nessesary.

After you have filled in your entire park with as many rides/stalls/attractions as you can fit, then start advertising to increase popularity. First, decrease the entrance fee to $1. Then, spend as much as you can on advertising. If you feel like you are cutting your money goal close, just spend around $30 on each category. However, if you are making money fast, then increase the advertising all the way up... it will make you money even faster! Another tip about advertising: if you are getting close to the end of a day, wait until the begining of the next one to increase advertising. If you increase at the end of the day you will basically spend that money twice.

I hope these tips help you all beat the game!!

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Re:3 tips to win every level

[Post New]by Akaabbey on May 13, 12 6:01 AM
Thanks!! That does help a bunch!


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Re:3 tips to win every level

[Post New]by villsex on Feb 8, 14 12:47 AM
i have tried all what you said but cannot get past gator level
How else do i get to $25000

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