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Wide Screen Option

[Post New]by catscat on May 13, 12 11:12 PM
I have seen several comments, (haven't read all yet) about wide screen option. I have a 23" widescreen with resolution set @ 1920 X 1080. This game fills completely with no bars without a check mark in the option menu. But, a checkmark in the widescreen option box makes it go to what you would expect on a more square screen, like older ones. I have found this to happen on many/most games. So try both with/without the check in the options menu. You may be very surprised. Also, my screen on this computer came pre-set with the 1920X1080 as the optimum setting for a (or at least this) widescreen monitor. Give it a shot. Hope this helps at least a few of you.

And so far, almost finished with the hour demo, I love this game. Searching for only what you actually need, instead of the usual boomerang, button, 5 bugs or spiders, plunger, etc. I'm buying it. Hope the bonus play is significant, but with 1/2 price credits, I can't resist.

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