Missing Button on Doll

[Post New]by Kildara on May 14, 12 5:20 AM
I have not found the missing button and I THINK I need it to take the doll's head to complete the ventriloquist's doll. As near as I can tell, I can't progress until I have that item. Anyone find the button?

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Re:Missing Button on Doll

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on May 15, 12 9:55 AM
Hi Kildara,

I haven't played this game through myself but I did some investigating for you, and it looks like you get a button from the red book that is on the floor in the room you get to through the alley (with all the paintings and where you also get the long hook).

And I think the doll head you need can be found in the chained up window of the Morgue (which is the other building to the right when you are in the street outside the Pharmacy).

I hope this helps!


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