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bonus game play time

[Post New]by sct1968 on May 14, 12 9:33 AM
in your opinion is it worth paying a CE price? how many chapters are there in the whole game? please anyone.

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Re:bonus game play time

[Post New]by Gamer_7 on May 14, 12 10:59 AM
Five chapters plus Bonus play. I thought the game was of moderate length. Not super long, but not so short you felt cheated.

IMO, the only thing worth getting CE for is the Strategy Guide. You get music, screen savers, concept art, and wallpapers and I don't care about any of those things.

With the weekend 1/2 price sale, I bought a few extra credits. I burned two of those to get this game, but since they were half price, I got the game at SE price.

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Re:bonus game play time

[Post New]by gingergal on May 14, 12 7:37 PM
If I hadn't got this on the sale, I'd be steaming (at myself for buying it) I'd wait for the SE.

The main game took me about 5 hrs no skipping, and the bonus took 45 mins. Bonus very puzzle heavy so if you don't like them or would skip them then it will be short.

After recently playing grim tales the legacy which took me at least 8hrs (probably 9) of quality gameplay on a SE. It just annoys me when other DEVS have so short a game play on a CE and it's not that great (IMO)

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