[Post New]by mtruitt on May 14, 12 4:43 PM
I can't put the code into the cryptex. I look at the lockers, get the code, exit to main hall, p/u cryptex and enter code that was on the lockers, but nothing happens. When I go back to the lockers to see if I have the code right, the code has changed to something else entirely.

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[Post New]by Mr_Russ on May 14, 12 5:40 PM
Don't go back. If you need to refer to the code again, look in your journal.

The initial settings are always I II III IV - 1 2 3 4 - so take it from there.

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[Post New]by heletia on Jan 21, 13 7:48 PM
Help!! Please..

I have got the code: IV III VIII IV and have entered them but nothing happens.

The Locker is stuck on the bell and hook and get 2 blank panels. I place the bell back on the shelf and get 3 three blank panels... but no crown to finish and cant move panels???

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[Post New]by zipperdyda on Mar 27, 14 4:16 PM
I am stuck on the cryptex too, got my code from the journal but I can't open it. Loaded this game several times & got stuck on this every time. Can someone please help?

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