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Stuck in the Blacksmith quest..

[Post New]by stollies1 on Jan 31, 09 3:48 PM
Hi all,
I am stuck trying to defend the town hall from the bandits and getting enough gold and wood to build the bank and the blacksmith, just hoping that anyone who has passed this stage can give me an idea of how to beat the quest. I've been stuck here for so long I have given up trying to finish the game. So any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

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Re:Stuck in the Blacksmith quest..

[Post New]by memawclay2 on Jan 31, 09 6:41 PM
Ooo, that one can be tough! What I do is go in with a huge posse, post all gunfighters around the town hall including my hero. Staff the gold mine after repairing it, then send the miners out for the odd bits of gold and crates including what the bandits are sitting on and making sure the wood hut and lumber mill is built/staffed. I fire the mayor and put him to work farming or mining and alternate the saloon keeper between fishing, chopping the spare wood logs and building a blacksmith asap then the bank. Be prepared for a major firefight as soon as the bank is built so try to keep your gunslingers healthy and numerous enough to wipe them out. When the bandits are gone, your blacksmith will show up so employ him immediately and voila, you get your key!

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Re: Stuck in the Blacksmith quest..

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Dec 13, 10 7:13 PM
Except that staffing the Saloon is a waste of personnel. In WW II, it doesn't even matter for happiness!

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