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There WILL be a fix for this game!

[Post New]by tayers81 on May 15, 12 10:47 PM
Hi guys! I'm not sure if a mod will lock this, but I wanted this to get as much attention as possible, so I'm posting a separate thread for it.

I finally got fed up with waiting for a fix and not knowing what was going on, so I emailed the developers directly. They were super nice and explained that they were still trying to hunt down how to fix the tile glitch since it wasn't affecting everybody. They're fairly sure the fix is complete for that one, but want to make sure any other possible glitches are taken care of. Once they are, they'll send it off to BFG to do QA on their end. Once that's done, BFG should be pushing a rebuild through.

I don't know how long it'll take, but I was just really excited to hear they haven't given up and are still working on this.

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Re:There WILL be a fix for this game!

[Post New]by diamondgirlva on May 20, 12 10:41 AM
This is WONDERFUL news! Everyday I look for an update to this game and everyday so far I am disappointed. Hopefully one day soon I will be surprised!

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