Other Map Locations such as Convent Market,Westminster Abbey

[Post New]by syrupmakermom12 on May 17, 12 2:52 PM
How do we access other map locatiions such as Covent Garden or Westermintser
, Westminster Abbey ? I'm stuck @ the palace in the throne room trying to place the Egyptian Heads on the chairs. All my walk through suggestions are related to more clues or puzzles begin solved in the green & throne room @ Buckingham Palace, St James Place, Traflagar Square, and the Jain tor's room @ the British Museum. I can not aceess new locations.........PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Re:Other Map Locations such as Convent Market,Westminster Abbey

[Post New]by elijah5 on May 18, 12 9:46 PM
Hi syrupmakermom12 & welcome to the pond,
If you go to page 4 of this forum and look for Egyptian Heads-second from bottom you will find the answer that you need on how to place them. To open other areas you have to solve some of the clues. Have you talked with the policeman yet? You need to help him find a diamond ring. If you go this forum, you will find all the answers that you really need to get through this game. If you are still having problems, contact me through a "pm" and I will re-download the game and help you.

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