painting pieces?!!??!?!?!?! HELP

[Post New]by sjsullivan on May 18, 12 10:58 AM
I have two of the painting pieces and can't go on without the third. The guide mentions Painting piece 1 and painting piece 3 but doesn't mention painting piece 2?!?!?!?!?!. I missed it somehow. Is this a glitch?????

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Re:painting pieces?!!??!?!?!?! HELP

[Post New]by elijah5 on May 19, 12 3:41 PM
Hi sjsullivan,
Here is the location of all the painting pieces:
#1-HOS in pharmacy-pge. 36 in SG
#2- Behind barrel on right hand side in cellar-pge. 32 in SG
#3- In mansion, after putting the shoes, hand and wand on the middle miniature figurine-pge. 37 in SG.
Hope this helps you.

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