Stuck on 2.5

[Post New]by Little_Jade on May 19, 12 11:49 AM
Hey, I'm new to YoudaSurvivor, maybe I'm doing something wrong, I have enough updates (more than I can charge with the energy) but I can't just get enough time or enough energy to pass 2.5 (golden of course ).

Can somebody help me please?
Thanks a lot.


Re:Stuck on 2.5

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Jul 17, 12 1:30 AM
So you have to make 12 cheese and 5 omelets, right? I don't worry about the eggs right away. Leave them for the goats so they make a lot of milk. Got mushrooms for the birds right away with my cave guy and used my energy to built level two powder for goats milk. Used the magic song ritual and boiled all my bananas for energy. Made the twelve cheese first and and kept boiling bananas until I had enough for level one egg fry and level one omelet maker, but did not make any omelets till I had twelve cheese. Filched five eggs and fried them. Then I boiled the extra cheese and upgraded the omelet maker after making the first omelet. I got 3:19 so it should work for you. Hope that helps.

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