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Level 41 walkthrough now posted.

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on May 19, 12 2:30 PM
Appologies for the delay. I had to take a break & well "forgot to come back "

This is posted in the walkthrough thread, but just to let you know about this work in progress LOL.

Level 41

NB This level I HAVE managed to get gold many times now, but it is very difficult. I have practised & practised & only get gold in about 1 in 5 goes. This does work .....sometimes LOL. If you come close then just try again.

The bits in dark blue are what definitely works. The lighter blue bits I keep doing differently & it is here that I think the strategy is wonky.

I will go back to it & try to tweek it later, but I need to move on.

Upgrade your farmer twice

Sell your water back, upgrade your well, sow 2 wheat & buy 2x2 water.

Order 2 flour, buy your fairy order 2 dough, update your bottom ladder and your miller.

Catch the robbers and buy an egg.

Sell 2 wheat and plant another 2 with 2x2 water. (The prof will arrive first. if you are lucky he will be on the ladder before 1.04 )

When the first 2 wheat have been bought order another 2 flour. And update your store.

Do not put anything else up for sale until you have put your first dough in the shop.

Sell 3 wheat.(princess)

As soon as you have sold the dough, order 2 cakes.

When you sell your cakes sell then 2 together. You may have to wait a little while.

Then sell 1 flour(To the school boy)

Sow 2 more wheat when you can afford it.

Buy an egg and make 2 more dough

And make another cake.

Continue to make dough 2 at a time until you can afford to update your mill to 3

Buy an egg and make another 2 dough ( then one more egg & 1 more dough, so you have made 7 in total)

Mean while, whilst making sure you have enough wheat for the miller, start making sunflowers.

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