Bulk discount, how to?

[Post New]by DevilPicker on May 19, 12 9:05 PM
Hello fellow pickers,
I love this game and I am missing only the "Bulk discount" trophy.
I can't get the bulk discount working. If I try to hagle the people down enough to get this they reject the offer and get angry.

Any hints?



Re:Bulk discount, how to?

[Post New]by BaloogyMcBoy on Jun 3, 12 9:05 PM
Ok, this took a second playthrough to work out, in the end I left it til I had a high prestiege score of level 14 (the number in the star at the bottom right of the screen).

Then after trying a bunch of places I ended up at McGuire's Gas Station and bought the Circus Unicycle and the Antique Washtub (both on the roof I think) and offered her 70, she refused and asked for 75, I then told her I'd pay like, 60, she went to 70, I accepted and got the achievement

Best of luck

Now I just need 5 more keys, Sharp Eye and Perfectionist, accidentally sold something without restoring this time :/

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