need help in fair 12

[Post New]by natallisnanny on May 19, 12 9:23 PM
i need help in fair 12 to raise $100,000.00.i have done this fair 3 or4 times and i can get 90-95,000.00. can anyone help me with this?about half way through i max out my advertising and i can get the popularity and everything else but i cant quite get all the money in time.

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Re:need help in fair 12

[Post New]by bfgRhone on May 22, 12 3:44 AM
Hi natallisnanny,

I took a look around and it looks like there are some great tips over in the following thread (assuming Fair 12 is the final level):

Start of with normal admission prices, dont drop them until the last day. Also, make sure one of your first rides is the childrens flying elephant ride, or the ferris wheel they make the most money. Put all your food places near the front. The first food place I always put up is the pizza one, it sells the best.

Also, I like to ramp up my advertising earlier so that it helps me build my money faster and then cancel it at the last minute to make up any goal shortfalls.

And yes, the most important prices to drop are your admission prices, not the ride prices.
Hope this helps!

Final level

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I hope this helps, and happy gaming!


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Re:need help in fair 12

[Post New]by dashwood95 on Jun 11, 12 1:08 PM
Place large/medium rides at the gate area. Don't bother with any small or even the cheaper med/large rides until later. Place funnel cakes or sausage and peppers as your first stand.

RAISE admissions around day2 to 7 dollars each for everyone but seniors. Only lower to 1 dollar when you are within 10grand of the 100grand AND not more than 1/3 of the way through the current day....IE meaning you have time to get the 10grand before the day is out.

Keep on top of your in game messages (broken rides, etc.) Less incidences = less loss in popularity.

Also, and probably the biggest thing I found. Immediately hire at least 2 workers (I would actually go with atleast 3) from each category and lower their daily salary to $1. They will complain. Deny the raise for each as it happens (they will be in quick succession). If you have 2, 1 quits. Let them fine you the whopping $2. You won't have enough money at this point (if you've bought 75 power and built one big ride) so it's important you still have at least one worker remaining because you'll go red fast and not be able to hire for a few minutes. They only ask for the raise once, so now you can hire as many as you want for $1 for the whole rest of the fair. I think this trick was what made the difference because I was able to get everything done halfway through day 6 where on my first try I was closing out day 9 with only 70some grand.

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