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Todays DD May 20 2012

[Post New]by cleoladycat on May 20, 12 12:50 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD May 20 2012

[Post New]by kdubs on May 20, 12 4:02 AM
This is an old-fashioned hidden object game but with a twist. There's a fair number of puzzles/tasks which if you choose to skip, you get a hidden object scene instead.
There are voices. The graphics are reasonable given it's an older game. There is some interaction on tasks, but inventory found is used in the same scene. The pet ferret is more of an annoyance than a benefit, especially in the train scene. My first thought was enough already! Sometimes I wonder why a dev thought a certain task was enjoyable enough to put in once, yet alone 4-5 times in a row!
A reviewer in another thread here said it was sort of similar to Mushroom Age. I do see a bit of similarity in the art, but we'll see how that goes. If it ended up with some of the wit and charm that I so enjoyed in Mushroom Age, I would be a happy camper for sure.
I decided to buy it because it's bright and light-hearted, not gray and spooky. Just what the doctor ordered for today.

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Re:Todays DD May 20 2012

[Post New]by puzzledone on May 20, 12 5:18 AM
Yes, same crazy guys that did Musroom Age, Vampireville (my fav), Christmasville, Pirateville etc. Last one was a dark one, not their usual zany stuff. Didn't they do Crusoe2 also? Anyway, like who writes this stuff with a pet ferret named Ferris riding on a train.

Only downside is if you quit before a level is done you have to play it again, saves only between levels. I was boggled how to move the globes on first puzzle and hit Hint but you get a choice to do a HOS. Oh myyyyyyy, what a pile of junk, but after my eyes refocused the items to find are pretty clearly defined. I think the junk piles are mainly decoys. 5 items at a time to find as more are added.

Lots of stuff to do, I like the ones moving stuff to dig down to items you need. Also, you combine inventory items in a combo to use them, Seems fun if you have a bent for the quirky, characters etc. I was still stuck in front of Gramma's house when demo was over so may have to redo that level. Long game and did go widescreen on laptop when I deselected WS in options, just full, but then it kicked in, but not by choosing wide, had black bars. Quirky start but looks great, colorful, big objects, some not in other games. It is a non hoggers horror, but I had fun with it and can use a punch for the price, rather than let go of a code or credit.

I may give up on some of the future puzzles, but there is a WT for help. Didn't seem to have a misclick penalty but their games usually do. Hints reup fairly fast. And there is a gauge showing what % completed in each task,. Just one more oddball game from a popular team, but does have a story and voiceover dialogue along with text. WS hog with tasks + VO = my kind of game.

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Re:Todays DD May 20 2012

[Post New]by Dialogue on May 20, 12 12:01 PM
I thought this game would be enjoyable since it is made by the Mushroom Age people but this game is more annoying than enjoyable to me. It is made well with the voice overs, good graphics, and so so music.

The "find the ferret game" was bad enough but to keep looking for things in that backpack was ridiculous. Sometimes everything had to be moved two or three times before the item I looked for finally appeared even though I cleared that same spot on the first pass. The repetitiveness made the game boring. I made it to "find the mice to make a cat toy". That was too much for me.

Others may like it but it is certainly not a game for me...even for $2.99.

I rate this game out of 5.

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