Best results in game?

[Post New]by doclww33 on May 22, 12 7:06 AM
I can consistently finish at around 80 days with all the trophies, and my best with all trophies is 78 days.

I once finished in 73 or 74 days, but I didn't get the starving artist trophy or the jailbird (or whatever they call the one for getting your spouse out of jail.)

My best starts have been: janitor-get car-cleaner-doing the first academic challenge (also taking time to get protrator and origami paper and completing those two intelligence courses), then first finance challenge(and taking masseuse job), first fitness challenge, this allows me to get elected mayor the 2nd go round.

Try as I might, I haven't been able to get elected mayor by day 9. I have completed all requirements by day 8 a couple of times, and day 7 once, but I haven't managed to get elected the first go round.

Anyone else have a different strategy you want to share?


Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by aducky2 on May 22, 12 5:48 PM
My best result was 61 days with all trophies, although I can consistently finish in the low sixties.
As for my strategy, I don't even try for mayor until the second election on day 18. For the first 18 days I build my stats and aim to win most of the first rung life challenges, which makes you money especially if you hit sales. I worked as dishwasher to fry cook to greeter to yoga instructor as I build my stats but keeping the wage below 15 (fyi only the base wage matters, so yoga instructor at 13$/hr plus clothing and expert wage bonuses still unlocks wage war trophy when you win mayor on day 18).
After you win mayor and receive 500$, use that money to take college courses. With 300 intelligence, I concentrated on building my charm as that unlocks first the stylist and then the motivational speaker jobs, which has the highest wage without a degree.
Once you are earning a decent wage it is time to play the stock market. Prices go up according to how much you spend, so you can manipulate the stock market. Invest in every place before you spend money there; so focus on one place at a time to get the highest profits. I only worked at jobs long enough to reach expert and finish challenges/trophies. Money was earned through investing which allowed all my time for courses, home improvement, Kobel research.
For trophies;
Starving Artist: Be employed as a trapeze artist while you are researching for Kobel prize/upgrading your house.
Jailbird: Wayne gets arrested all the time. Marry him. You can always start dating someone else if his constant arrests start to annoy you!

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Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by doclww33 on May 23, 12 12:32 PM

I finished at 70 with everything today. Could have finished earlier, but I had to hold off to finish the last wedge to earn the superfan trophy.

Your strategy is interesting....why go after yoga instructor instead of Masseuse? You need debate club and elocution for the mayor wedge anyway, so you're only wasting a couple turns and $5 on the basket weaving.

I will try concentrating on investing over working, though, since your best time is much better than my best. I've come to the same conclusions as you on the jailbird and starving artist trophies.


Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by aducky2 on May 25, 12 12:28 AM
My strategy for employment as yoga instructor rather than masseuse developed only because when I first started playing I was not sure at first if wage bonuses from being an expert or clothing would disclude winning the wage war trophy. Even after I realized they would not, I just went through with that same job development I followed in a previous games when I finished a game in 61 days. It was not a matter of avoiding classes, I took as many as I could afford!

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Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by aazc on Jul 4, 12 6:45 AM
40 days, without random trophies (ex. jailed bird), if I'm lucky enough to get the Nobel Prize with only 5 completed projects.

Finishing challenges with opponents can make extra money, which is really important to accelerate the progress.

No matter you're a janitor or a professional athlete, spending time on finishing challenges is more important than working for money.


Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by doclww33 on Jul 5, 12 12:07 PM
40 days is very impressive!!!!....I'm able to crack 60 now, getting the knobel at 40days, but I haven't finished in under 50 days yet.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by aazc on Jul 8, 12 9:43 AM
My strategy is time > money. So I won't waste time on anything that "seems to be important".
For example,
I'd like to go gym instead of college.
Buying things is better than riding roller coasters.
A bike is more important than intelligence.
Pawn, stock, deposits are better than payrolls.

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Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by leomaruli on Sep 1, 12 6:00 AM
My best time was 68 days, minus 5 trophies. My average time usually range between 71 and 76 days, and I always skip The Starving Artist and The Wage War trophies.

Basically my best results always depend on the 50% or (on my lucky days) 75% discounts at Sew-It Seams, Cathode Ray's or Pleather or Knot, or simply said, purely based on chance. Whenever one of those sale days comes, I'd stop everything I was doing, work the whole day, and spend every dollar on one of the shops. The next day, I'd sell all the items that I've bought the day before at Here Today, Pawn Tomorrow (come to think of it, the pawn shop's name itself seems to give a hint about this strategy).

My least favorite store on discounts would be Sew-It Seams and Pleather or Knot. Imagine if you had, let's say, 50,000 dollars, and you have to spend every single dollar on items priced on 28 dollar at most. As you can see, there's a lot of monotonous clicking going in this strategy. But if you can get through it, it was very rewarding.

To aducky2, thanks for the stock market tips! This is the area I haven't figured out and definetely will try! Combined with the pawn shop strategy, the result should be stellar!


Finally, 63 days!

[Post New]by leomaruli on Sep 2, 12 6:37 PM
And I trumped what I've thought as my best possible score, too! Not bad at all, I might say, but what really excites me is how easy it is to acquire literally tons of money with a little help from the stock market...


Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by bumper21248 on Apr 22, 13 11:13 AM
I can usually complete between day 65-75, but my focus has been on total points. My high there is 1.545 million

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Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by szelkie9 on May 12, 13 4:18 AM
My shortest time is 52 days with 1,547,600 and my highest score is 1,863,604 at 67 days.

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Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by LilaJane on Mar 23, 14 7:54 PM
I'm not sure if this has been covered before, but if you want to get a head start in the game, it's not that hard to get elected Mayor on day 9. However in my experience this requires you get at least 50% discount on the electric bike on day 2. Otherwise you won't have enough time or money.

If you manage to buy the fast bike cheaply on day 2, you then proceed to make 3 friends quickly. This may be a problem, but there's usually a buch of people hanging at the mall, and you usually meet Amy or Anthony at the college.

I do the college course challenge first, followed by the getting a job that pays 15$ challenge. Then I do the athletic gear challenge because you win a few dollars if you do that and you're going to the mall anyway. Then go directly for the 350 charm challenge, and then select the Mayor challenge.

As soon as you've done the language course, sell the language book and your assigned clothes at the pawn shop to have enough money for the jazz dance course. You really don't have time to do anything else before that, no gym etc.

You should be able to start campaigning on day 7. In some places it only takes one click to get to the top of the list of candidates.

This is the only way the Wage War trophy makes sense to me. Otherwise you'll have to work for a 15$ wage until the next election, and that's just so long! If I don't get a good discount on the bike on day 2, I never even go for that trophy.

My career path in the beginning is Dishwasher - Fry Cook - Masseuse, and on day 9, I change for Assistant Manager.


Re:Best results in game?

[Post New]by screamingfrog on Jul 19, 14 5:44 PM
I would love to know how this game can be completed in 40 days. My best is 60 days and I don't worry about trophies. I am interested in strategies for building the upscale house quickly. That alone takes several days.
On the first day, I hire as dishwasher, work once, eat, leave to hire as janitor and max out at Rick's Rollers. Next day, I go to Rick's, buy a skateboard after getting 50 points, buy a goldfish, get hired as a cleaner, eat, go to the pawn shop, pawn everything and work until bedtime.
Hope that helps someone and that someone will give me clues on how to complete the house.

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