witches prison

[Post New]by mary1023 on May 22, 12 6:23 PM
where do I find the sun insert to open the door to the chapel

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Re:witches prison

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on May 27, 12 8:02 AM
Hi mary1023,

Not sure if you've been able to check out the walkthrough, but here are the steps and a screenshot of the solution:

* From the memo, we know that the full names of three Wystwicks are: Charles Nathaniel, Victoria Isabella, and Abraham Theodore (H).

* Place the INITIAL COINS with the matching names; then use the “S” coin for Margaret (I).

* Look at the angel's box and take the SUN DISC (J).

* Exit the mausoleum and look at the door to the chapel.

Hope this helps!


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