stuck at empty table

[Post New]by howdygoa on May 24, 12 7:16 AM
i organized a tournament that blinds are 0. just for the see what would happen. and i saw 6 man, no chips, no action, just sitting on the table. so i quit the game and open again. now just empty table.

nothing works. clicking the menu etc. what can i do? or is there something to do except creating a new player?

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Re:stuck at empty table

[Post New]by chazzer47 on Jun 6, 12 6:15 PM
I think you might simply have a glitch in the program. This game is loaded with them. You might even call the game one BIG glitch. This is one problem I have not encountered myself though. I have set up numerous tournaments with max. number of players (usually 8 to 16), max. buy in amount and minimum blind to start and have never had the problem you are encountering.
Your only option might be to delete this player and start over. There is usually atleast a 1 dollar minimum blind. Did you manually enter a 0 for that amount, rather than slide the bar down as far as it will go? If you did, I did not know that you could just type in a number. Again, your only option might be to delete player and create a new player.

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