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Welcome to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on May 25, 12 12:29 AM
Welcome to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty players.

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Re:Welcome to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty forum

[Post New]by breezy3 on May 31, 12 4:02 PM
I am stuck on this game where I need to cut the hose up in the cutting room. and when I go there it dosen't do anything.When I went on the walkthrough, it said use the paper that was on the cutting board, Well there wasn't any paper, so the hose couldn't get cut and I am stuck to go any further with anything else, I could use some HELP...I am getting so frustrated....thank you.

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Re:Welcome to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty forum

[Post New]by JulieJay on Jun 7, 12 4:28 PM
You just put the hose on the paper cutting board and then press the handle. There is no paper.


Re:Welcome to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty forum

[Post New]by hottingers on Oct 7, 12 10:56 AM
Can anyone tell me where the last lens is found? I've checked all of the areas and everyone said "all done searching here" I cannot go forward from this point. I have checked the entire walk through for this game and could not find it anywhere.


Re:Welcome to Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty forum

[Post New]by jaysam on May 20, 13 2:23 AM
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