Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by Tiddles13 on May 25, 12 2:12 AM
Hi all Tiddles here

Have just started this great game and up to the part where have to put pipes in and release ball to stop flooding and rescue ...... from the vipers.

But have put pipes in and have only one outlet down the bottom flowing and cant find any way to stop it or to divert the water to move the ball down to the crocodile.

Can some one please help me ?????


Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by barbworden on May 26, 12 12:24 PM
I'm at the same place!!!! Have apparently placed all the pipes, but can't go any further. And there's no hint for this! Please, someone out there help!

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Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by Signe28 on May 26, 12 6:08 PM
The pipes were hard. What I recall is you need a medium and a short pipe on the right side. You need a short, med and long on the right side. Keep shifting the two pipes on the right side till the water comes out of one the spouts on the left. Then keep shifting the pipes on the left side till the water comes out of the spout by the stone ball. This will cause the ball to fall into the statue hand.

Next struggle is to get the water to flow thru the openings at the top of the cavern.
Keep shifting the pipes on the right till this happens. That will move the ball from the statue into the croc's mouth (which is your goal).

There did not seem to be any pattern to the pipes save the ones I described above.
Good luck!


Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by Tiddles13 on May 27, 12 6:47 PM
Thanks will give that a go, lol and hope my hair grows back lol


Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by kathypeicz on May 28, 12 1:52 PM
tibet door..can not fit the pieces


Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by kathypeicz on May 28, 12 1:54 PM
thanks got thru the pipes...thanks for the help


Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by deedee60 on Jul 15, 12 12:12 AM
done as you suggest thanks for great advice--i shall soldier on thanks again


Re:Am Stuck ...please help. The cave of Donggar

[Post New]by H20350 on Sep 19, 12 12:31 AM
I successfully completed the game once. I went to play it again, and can't get out of Donggar caves. I have collected everything and solved the puzzles. When I ask for a hint, the hint shows me from one cave door to the next, then back again. I have searched completely each cave(3) completely and nothing changes the cursor and there is nothing that sparkles to suggest a path.

I am wondering if this is a mechanical flaw of the game?

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Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by hibou119 on Oct 6, 14 2:24 AM
I found the strategy guide in the premium content right side at the game beginning.
And look 42p for the solution.


Re:Am Stuck ...please help

[Post New]by toomanycats on Nov 4, 14 10:19 AM
Figured out the pipes. On Left: Long, Short, Med. On right: Short, Medium.
Ball will fall in upright crocs hand. Then, change pipes: Left: Medium, Short, Long and Right: Short, Medium. Water will come from top and knock ball to supine crocs mouth.

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