Desperate for tips on Rogarat!

[Post New]by bapparis on May 25, 12 1:35 PM
Rogarat is kickin me stupid! I can get to the very last battle but the big ship no matter what I do blows EVERYTHING away so fast I cant defeat it. HELP please. Still lovin this game even tho it can be very frustrating.

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Re:Desperate for tips on Rogarat!

[Post New]by unclepaul on May 26, 12 4:42 AM
As you progress through the level build up your fireballs, and also prepare your fortress strength increase . Keep lots of mines and freeze spells available. You can use them to slow down the arrival of ships to allow the fortresses time to recharge and shoot.

Now for the big boys I have found it useful when you hear that sound to try and locate it as soon as possible and throw a freeze spell on it then put mines in its path - right in front of it. Each mine does about 1/ 20 damage but steadily reduces its strength, about 3 freeze spells and 12 mines should enable it to be destroyed with two hits from two fully updated towers. As an additional a couple of ghost tower spells would be useful when you have located where the big one is heading for to increase the firepower on it.
I am glad I perservered with this one even after the negative comments from others that there was nothing to do and thought you just sat back and watched towers destroy ships. So much more in it than that.

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