I'm stuck!

[Post New]by Smokydcat on May 25, 12 10:49 PM
I am at building guarded by 2 guards. Got all done says my hint but cannot find the star to place in the front hall floor? Help?

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Re:I'm stuck!

[Post New]by tangawarra on Aug 8, 12 9:17 AM
Do you mean the shooting star,. the first one to put down?
That's next to the well, where you also found the helmet, the shield and the shell.

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Re:I'm stuck!

[Post New]by snertyloo on Nov 27, 12 7:52 PM
I am stuck also but at a different spot. Where you have to find a way in the 3 doors.
I found and finished the first one. Am in the big one in the back. There is a hidden object scene where a door opens and closes. The Hint button keeps telling me to go on the side of the door - when i do that it opens, if it is open it closes. There is no way to click where it wants me to without activiating the door!!!! Help. Is this just a glitch in my game?

Thanks for any help.


Re:I'm stuck!

[Post New]by SpreeMetVoeten on Jan 2, 13 11:07 AM
I'm stuck too. I need a pin to open the box in the kitchen where the little boy is sleeping. But according to the walk trough, that pin is inside a bowl in the cupboard at the back of the room with the big mirror. The problem is: I solved the mirror puzzle and now that cupboard is no longer accessible. So I can't get to the pin!
Is there a way around this?

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