The Maid's Voice...

[Post New]by Akarios on May 26, 12 11:46 AM
Anyone recognize who voices the estate's maid whom you meet as soon as you get into the house? It's Lani Manella, the voice of Nancy Drew in ****'s two dozen or so 'Nancy Drew' games.... She does voices EVERYWHERE it seems.

Instantly recognizable for anyone who's played any of the Nancy Drew games....

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Re:The Maid's Voice...

[Post New]by Nosferat2 on May 26, 12 4:11 PM
So it wasn't just me!

I certainly recognized that voice. Apparently she is over 500 characters in video games.

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Re:The Maid's Voice...

[Post New]by STL531 on Jun 4, 12 4:47 PM
I also immediately recognized her voice. I think it's the first time I've noticed hearing her in anything other than Nancy Drew, despite the hundreds of other games she's credited with doing voice work for.

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