Chest Simply Not Showing up

[Post New]by manitou on May 26, 12 7:00 PM
Hello, hopefully people are still playing this game.

Allegedly a chest is supposed to show up after getting the turtle eggs. However, I am towards the end the game and no chest showed up. I retraced my steps back to where the turtle eggs were at several times but the chest doesn't show up.

Is there something I can do to force the chest to show up? If I know this game, it has to be in some illogical place. Hmmm.



Re:Chest Simply Not Showing up

[Post New]by manitou on May 28, 12 8:00 AM
Hello all,

I finally found the solution.

Ok, after manually going through all the forum posts (search wasn't picking up what I was asking for) I found this. It works.

Go back to the beach where you found the turtle eggs. turn around as if you are going to go back through the arch. Go forward once or twice and look to your right. You should see some more turtle tracks. Dig where these start and you will dig up an egg and a chest. To open the chest use the pickaxe - which you trip over at the windmill (or kiln, I can't remember). Inside the chest you should find some coins and a broken telescope. Hope this helps, Suzie

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