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Max cave size = 26; I have 30

[Post New]by ShazPG on May 27, 12 12:17 AM
I logged this as a bug WAAAAAY back when the game was first released, but I've just realised there's a VERY nice side effect ...

In caves 3 and 4, if you buy whisps, they disappear when you leave the cave (to the menu, or close the game) and come back again. They're not REALLY gone - they're just off screen somewhere. You can't see them in between levels, so you can't move them around or sell them. But as you play, part way into the level, they come onto the screen and do their stuff.

Playing today, I discovered that when you leave the cave and they do disappear, they are deducted from your cave population. I had 26 creatures in my cave, including 4 whisps. When I went to the menu and returned, my 4 whisps had gone off the screen, and the game said I only had a population of 22 in my cave. I was able to buy 4 other creatures to fill the empty positions.

So I now have 30 creatures in my cave, including the 4 whisps that come onto the screen during the day.

Some bugs are nice ones

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Re:Max cave size = 26; I have 30

[Post New]by kittencat16 on Jul 29, 13 1:11 AM
That's quite a bug! I've gotta try that

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