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Any suggestions for passing 3-6??!! Pleeease!

[Post New]by vmyrn on May 27, 12 9:44 AM
I have always found these forums to be so helpful, and usually, for the specific game stages that I am having difficulty with, there is already a message posted. However, I am admittedly not an expert at these games, and now I feel really dumb, because it seems no one else is having a problem with this stage. I try to cultivate all the vegetables, and then plant the star flowers in the fairy dust, but this isn't working. Any suggestions? (Oh, and possibly any general tips for the best strategic approach to this game?) I really appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Re:Any suggestions for passing 3-6??!! Pleeease!

[Post New]by wndf on Feb 26, 13 4:26 AM
Hello vmyrn,

No idea if you're still playing, let alone checking these forums. But your question gave me an excuse to replay the game a little more and here's my strategy for expert time and a general strategy for the game.

- Build large packs of equally colored flowers rather than buying expensive flowers - unless roses are available. Roses give you so much mana that in the later levels a few roses is all you need to build your statues.
- I usually play without the mass spells - I find it that 'manually' killing bugs, weeds and rocks gives you the mana that you need to finish levels, whereas mass spells don't get you this mana.
- In none of the levels I found it very useful to buy vegetables (to create fairy dust circles); I usually deal with the circles already laid out.
- Sometimes the bug killing, weed weeding and rock crushing is an essential part of the start of a level: it gives you the starting mana to get on with the level.
- Always try to harvest flowers in groups. With cheap flowers in large flower beds, you can collect up to 2,000 mana at once, just because of the size of the beds. With roses, just a few roses can already give you 500 mana bonus for group size (and then some 500 per rose afterwards).
- Look in these forums!

- Cut away the smaller rocks and weed the weeds.
- Harvest the two lower right tomatoes, but WAIT with harvesting the other two.
- As soon as you have the mana, buy two wheel barrows and replace the two upper left tomatoes somewhere in the vincinity of the other two.
- Buy a second shovel and keep on cutting away stones.
- Plant the red flowers on the red fairy dust circles and plant the yellow plants somewhere else where there is room for a large yellow flower bed.
- Buy some yellow plants + tomatoes first and plant strategically. About two or three sets of seeds.
- Buy red flowers and make a large flower bed.
- Buy up to four watering cans.

Now harvest in patches as big as possible and you should do fine! (This time around, I ended up with 12 red flowers, of which 11 in a fairy dust circle, and five yellow flowers - it was a close finish.)

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