Farm Frenzy Pizza Party Curd Lane 2 Not Impossible

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Hello there Farm Frenzy Pizza Party players i finally finished the Curd Lane 2

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Level 20: Curd Lane 2
Requirements: Need to purchase 2 item curd factory to play
Goal: 12 Curds, $2,500
Gold: 3:55 Silver: 5:15
Best Time: 03:09.

Buy 1 goat
At second 6 will appear a polar bear catch it and sell it
Wait for the goat to lay 2 goat milks
Quickly make 2 curds
When the truck comes back,send the plane for 3 cheese leavens
At second 27 will appear 2 panda bears and 1 brown
Catch them both and sell them
Remember click quickly on the factories but not always because you risk to blow up your factorise
Quickly make 2 cheeses
When the truck comes back again, upgrade it and sell the 2 cheeses
When it comes back again,buy another goat
Quickly start to make 2 Curds at a time
Make a cheesse
At 01:40 it will appear 2 panda bears and 1 brown bear
Catch the brown bear and 1 panda bear and sell them
Don't forget to quickly make 2 curds at a time
When the truck comes back, send the plane for 2 more cheese leavens
Start to make 2 more cheeses
When you have 3 cheeses and 3 curds sell them
Don't forget to have $100
When the truck comes back you will have the $2,500
Quickly make the other curds to finally make those 12 curds
My best time 02.54


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