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Level 21 Glitch???

[Post New]by tholmes2 on Feb 1, 09 3:45 PM
Hello everyone..
I am on Level 21, where you have to Build a City Guild, and Upgrade it to 1 Star, Recruit 15 workers, and 5 woodsmen..
I think my game has a glitch, when I click on one of my workers, I see the normal choices for the buildings, and then I see a white blank box and when I hover my mouse over it, it says City Guild, so I get my worker to build it, it looks just like the town does, BUT I can not add any one to this building, none of the Scholars in order to upgrade...
I know that it does not need anyone in the building to have it work, but in order to upgrade it I need Scholars to get in there and do what ever it is they do, is there a patch or upgrade available for this game??

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