London week 2

[Post New]by oldiemamaw on May 31, 12 11:19 AM
OK, I have tried EVERYTHING!!! i have all the upgrades; there is nothing else to purchase. Chaining does not seem to work, Should the model's hearts be red when they leave for the stage? Should the music and telephone be used and when? And the tanks at the bottom of the screen. Do any of these things really help? I have noticed that when I send the models out onto the stage (and I click on the stage lights) that not all of the models, even though their hearts are all red, do not receive the same number of yellow stars on the stage. Should all the models be receiving 5 stars when they go onto the stage and if they do not, then what am I doing wrong?
Please help. I have played this level so many times and even though I get close, I just cannot get expert.

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Re:London week 2

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jun 5, 12 4:53 AM
Hi oldiemamaw,

I haven't played this game yet so dont have any real advice for you.

However, I found a thread that had some great tips for that level:

Question London week 2

Please check that out and fins crossed, it will help you with that level!

Best of luck!


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