Relaxed mode???

[Post New]by suedid on May 31, 12 1:36 PM
I typically use relaxed mode to get used to a game, but in BB2 you have to get to number 2 on the top players list before it unlocks... so you need to play higher-intensity modes before relaxed... this is really counter-intuitive and I HOPE its an unintended glitch!

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Re:Relaxed mode???

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 1, 12 3:50 AM
Hi suedid,

I don't believe this is a glitch. Second place required 48 gold cups for me, but I played through the game twice (after I received all the upgrade awards).

I can imagine this can be frustrating if you'd only want to play through the relaxed mode. I'd therefore recommend leaving your feedback in the Reviews thread so we can keep easier track your thoughts.

You can find the Review thread here.

I'll now go ahead and lock this thread. If you'd like to further discuss this game, you can do so by popping over to this thread here.



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