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[Post New]by agray000 on May 31, 12 3:00 PM
anyone have tips for getting gold on the last level?

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[Post New]by sipason on May 31, 12 5:00 PM
Use super-article to change simple orders to 'hot burger with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, and cheese'.

That's all.


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[Post New]by haydeelk on Jun 7, 12 8:27 PM
I have done this one so many times and i cannot get gold. OK, so i am using the super article ever time its up.. but still not getting gold. Any other suggestions? Am i waiting for it to recharge? or just using it when its ready?

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[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 8, 12 12:59 AM
haydeelk, I would recommend using it whenever it goes off it's "cooling down" period. It might help to have some burgers stacked up already (like placed on the area in between the ketchup and microwave) for when it finishes loading.

That being said, level 8-8 is very hard and I must admit I've not managed to reach gold in there either.


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[Post New]by haydeelk on Jun 8, 12 8:44 AM
Thank you! There has to be a trick, there has been on the other levels-i am wondering if it has to do with how many people you buy

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[Post New]by naomi2 on Jun 11, 12 1:04 PM
Ok after about 8 shots at this I got it with 3 seconds to spare.

Get an employee in the clown suit asap
Just make hamburgers add all the toppings and ketchup and keep putting them on the super article tray every time it recharges, keep serving customers what they want in between recharges.They want hamburgers the most so keep as many as you can ready to serve with toppings.

Hire enough employess to have
1 in clown suit
1 serving drinks and desserts
1 making burgers
2 adding toppings to burgers
2 serving customers


Good luck this was a frustrating level, I have gold on all levels but I am still not in the number one position so now I am going back to improve gold times to earn more stars.


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[Post New]by Neverlosehope on Jun 12, 12 1:12 PM
I haven't reached it yet either. I think the more employees you buy the less money you make. You really have to have employees multi-task in this one, I think.


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[Post New]by littleone501 on Jun 21, 12 11:54 AM
I have been struggling with this level for so long now. I can't even get a silver cup much less a gold. Im getting quite frustrated.


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[Post New]by housemum on Jun 26, 12 11:10 AM
my daughter completed the level for me and the trick she said is that it is completely in a pattern so just keep switching the staff back and forth having one on each side except when they just want ice cream and cake etc

the main trick to the level is just fast clicking according to her and just concentrating


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[Post New]by illusionsss on Jul 3, 12 1:17 PM
Wow - I had to play like 15 times to get it but finally made it.
Here is some tips:
- Through the whole level I only hired 1 extra staff
- You really need to collect as much as tips as possible
- the full hamburger goes a lot - I prepared as much as I can in advance
- for the simple burger orders use the super-article with full burgers - ketchup helps a lot.
- You need to be FAST!!
- Use the button that cooks all dishes at once - I used it and while it is recharging I used the super-article to serve unwanted food such as chicken burger

Well good luck! It is possible!


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[Post New]by wncmacs on Nov 4, 12 6:42 PM
I've tried hiring 1 additional person and used the super article as much as I could and the best I've done is still 2,785. Anything else I should try? I don't think hiring more people will work due to the monetary hit you take.

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[Post New]by dalaenadm on Nov 17, 12 9:29 PM
You really do need at least 1 extra person hired in order to get the gold.

You'll notice that there's a pattern to what gets ordered and when, so you can prepare for it. At the beginning, you have tons of time to abandon your desserts and drinks while you prepare big burgers with all of your people, and stick them in every available holding spot.

Make sure that you serve hot burgers only in order to get a little bit of extra money. In this board, every little bit counts. You really have to milk it.

When people start ordering desserts and drinks, put two people at the serving trays, and then put two people at the dessert and drinks station until you get everything filled. Then move 3 people back into the burger topping stations and one person making burgers. Pump out a ton of burgers, fast!

If you follow that pattern and make sure that you pick up all the tips, you will be able to beat the board on gold level with plenty of time to spare. Remember, don't hire more than one person because that will put you too far behind to catch up on the coin.

Always sell as many hot burgers with ketchup on them as you can! Get that extra little bit of money!

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