Burger Bustle 2 Ellie's Organics question ????

[Post New]by MrsClassyDash on Jun 1, 12 1:23 PM
I would love to know if there is going to be a new version of this ...... the one that is out now does not function on all computers ...... it sure doesn't here in our home. Hope someone has an answer.

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Re:Burger Bustle 2 Ellie's Organics question ????

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Jun 1, 12 1:44 PM
Hi MrsClassyDash,

I'm sorry to hear that Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics isn't running on your computer. There could be a few things causing that, so I would recommend posting what's happening specifically when you try to run the game in the dedicated technical issues thread for Ellie's Organics here.

Since this is a technical discussion about Ellie's Organics, I'll be moving this topic over to that game Forum and locking it. You can post any technical issues with the game in the thread mentioned above.

I hope that we can figure out what's causing that to happen so you can get back to gaming!


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