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opening the safe

[Post New]by dozzydora on Jun 2, 12 1:06 PM
well so much for the walk through dosnt help one iota, tried all the combos, number of angles 3 number of captains 1 number of fingers 5 or 4 then number 6 but nooooo get so frustrated with this game just chickede my comp on the couch lucky i didnt break it

help needed really badly

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Re:opening the safe

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Jun 5, 12 2:47 PM
Hi dozzydora,

After taking a look through for you it looks like some players were able to get past this part of the puzzle by putting in 9 instead of 6:

loodles wrote:the world has 6 sides
days of the week 7
number of captains on a ship 1
revolve the number 6 is 9

hope this helps

mishamoo wrote:Rotate the number 6 = the number 9 Try that

I was able to find these in this thread here: opening safe on priate ship - if you click the blue text it will take you right there.

I hope that helps you get past this part. Good !


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Re:opening the safe

[Post New]by Gisellesc60 on Jun 21, 12 10:08 PM
I stuck to except my questions are: How many side the earth have,
How many captains ?, half a dozens, how many day in a week,
I have been stuck on this safe for over a week and still cant do it

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