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Notary Office

[Post New]by TigerJo714 on Jun 2, 12 8:29 PM
Does anyone know how to get into the Notary Office? I've got the lasso - the window seems to be the way in. Am I missing something? Also, what do I do with the lawnmower. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re:Notary Office

[Post New]by Sheerija on Jun 3, 12 2:41 AM
Zoom in to the window. Put the lasso on the square opening upper right of the pane.


Re:Notary Office

[Post New]by Leentje1987 on Jun 10, 12 10:45 AM
Please help me out! I have tried everything I can think of, but no luck.

I'm in the notary office. I can see the drawer and the closet sparkling. I used the Egyptian symbol on the drawer, but it still says 'everything is so classified!

I have used the landmower to get the Egyptian symbol, searched for the objects with the magnifier. Anyone an idea what to do next???


Re:Notary Office

[Post New]by Leentje1987 on Jun 10, 12 10:58 AM

I only have the scuba set in my inventory. Hopefully the thing with the Egyptian symbol went well and I don't have to start over.. Just bought the game, but this is getting very annoying!

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