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Inventory - Possible to lock in Open position?

[Post New]by Jorie10 on Jun 3, 12 3:53 AM
Anyone know if there is a way to lock the inventory in the Open position? I don't spot any lock icon.

I like that it can close, but for me, it is a bit finicky to get it to stay open so that I can get an item. Plus, the noise of it opening/closing as I try to get an item is getting irritating. So, I'd rather lose some of the screen real estate and just have the inventory stay open.

Thanks for any advice in dealing with this.


Edited to add:
The game is so good that I eventually stopped being frustrated with the inventory mechanics and just enjoyed the game. Finished the main game and am saving the bonus game for later on.

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Re:Inventory - Possible to lock in Open position?

[Post New]by LordHenry on Jun 8, 12 12:07 PM
As far as I know this can not be done

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